The Battle for Aleppo

Recently, I began noticing more news articles showing up concerning the recent events in Aleppo. As I felt I needed to be educated on the topic to join the conversation, I read a few articles about the current state of the situation.

On December 12th, over 100,000 people in East Aleppo were trapped in a 5 square kilometer range as they were being bombarded by airstrikes from Russia and the Syrian government to attempt to overtake the rebel-held area. “The Russia-backed ground offensive, which began on November 26, followed an intensive aerial bombing campaign that knocked out most of the medical facilities, targeted civil defense and municipal vehicles and blocked roads with rubble.” The world is sitting and watching a genocide happen before their eyes as civilians are being massacred. Families posted on various social media platforms to say their final goodbyes.

I feel it is important to raise awareness about the current state of Aleppo. Raising this awareness increases the chances of people coming together from around the globe to try and interfere. There are charities and relief foundations that we can donate to in hopes of helping in any way.

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